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January 25, 2020  

2020Q1 – Lesson 5 - From Pride to Humility (Self-Destruction)

From Pride to Humility

Daniel 4 - Babylon: The Pathway to Self-Destruction

Babylon...what makes this system bad? Why is Nabuchadnezzar stubborn? Will he listen to God? Is this a happy ending? Where do you stand? Join Pastor Zeny and Dr Danzie as they unpack the downfall of those in Babylon, and the greatness of God and His Love!

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August 31, 2019  

2019Q3 – Lesson 10 - Living The Gospel

Living The Gospel

Bill Gates vs Dr Danzie - The Gospel 101 - Saved by Ministering to Those in Need?

In this episode Dr Danzie and Catalina (fr The Connected Adventist Podcast) unpack basic ideas about the Gospel. Making in real, how do you live the gospel? What happens when we put Catalina’s, Bill Gate’s, and Dr Danzie’s goodness together?

Graces Table Ministry in Peoria, Matthew Lucio, & The Adventist History Podcast…


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August 17, 2019  

2019Q3 – Lesson 8 - The Least of These - Psychology, marathon running, “time out”, the Ray White Real Estate agency, and Fred Devito

The Least of These

Psychology, marathon running, "time out", the Ray White Real Estate agency, and Fred Devito

Dr Danie and Catalina speak about Psychology, “time out”, marathon running, the Ray White Real Estate agency, and Fred Devito… Join this episode as we discover the deeper meaning of ministering to “the least of these”…

Who is your “least of these”?

This episode is sure to challenge you, as you seek to continue to serve others…

Also, be encouraged by what Esther Badia and her team of active volunteer youth workers in the Central Papuan Conference are doing to minister to those in need with “just water”!


*Our sincere condolences also to those mourning around the world for the loss of a beloved as a result of hatred and discord*

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July 3, 2019  

Biblical Psychology - S1E5 - Depressed and Emotionally Disorganised ft Luke McCann

Depressed and Emotionally Disorganised ft Luke McCann

“He said, ‘we shut the gate’, I was like, ‘Oh, what?!”

“I remember looking at the window and saying, ‘Lord, you know, there must be a reason why I’m here God… if there is God,… show it to me on this trip” “My first instinct was, let me call up Lillian”

“Emotionally I was like depressed”

“I was so empty because I was missing something, I guess, in the spiritual sense”

From emotionally disorganised to fulfilled… Luke McCann speaks to us about his state of shock, and skepticism. From being emotionally depressed to life fulfilment…

Facebook: Luke McCann -

Instagram: @_Lukeskystar


REMEMBER: If you feel hopeless, helpless, and carry some guilt and shame, it is highly advisable for you to contact a mental health help line in your country of residence. Or better still, go to see your primary health care provider like a GP and share with them how you feel. If you feel so distressed before, during, or after this program call your local emergency line. Do you know how to call your emergency service like an ambulance in your local country, city, or town? For example, in Australia this is triple zero ('000') and in America is nine 911. And remember, God loves you, and so do we!