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January 23, 2020  

2020Q1 – Lesson 4 - From Furnace to Palace

From Furnace to Palace

Daniel 3 - Where Will You Stand?

Join Pastor Zeny and Dr Danzie as they unpack character building ideas on the book of Daniel chapter 3.

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November 23, 2019  

2019Q4 – Lesson 9 - Trials, Tribulations, and Lists

Trials, Tribulations, and Lists

The Less Travelled Road

What would you do if God asks you to move away from your home?

Join us today as we have another interpersonal encounter with Liliana and Dr Danzie on this series dissecting the lives of Ezra, Nehemiah, and God’s people.

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September 27, 2019  

SPECIAL EPISODE - 2019Q3 Season’s Bloopers

Season's Bloopers

Ministering to The Least of These

We had fun, how about you? ;)

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September 21, 2019  

2019Q3 - Lesson 13 - A Community of Servants with the Perfume Collector

A Community of Servants - with The Perfume Collector

Are you church shopping?

This is our last episode for this season. In this episode Catalina and Dr Danzie talk their perfume collection, and the impact that Mt Gravatt, Salisbury, and the Gin Gin Seventh Day Adventist Churches have had in their Christian journey.

  • Have you heard of the AYC in Australia and the GYC in America? In this episode, listen to a brief snippet about our experience there.
  • Where did the Adventist Committed to Serve (ACTS) ministry came about?..
  • and... Who’s Mimi ?

Better press play… and enjoy the ride…!

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September 14, 2019  

2019Q3 – Lesson 12 - To Love Mercy - The Burnt Out of the Christian

To Love Mercy

The Burnt Out of the Christian - Are you ministry fatigued?

In Matthew 6:25-33 Christ tells us that God looks after all His creation. The passage even speaks about the birds and the flowers which are looked after by Him. The passage concludes that those who worry are the wicked, but His followers are not to worry about tomorrow nor our physical needs for God has them all covered. Then God says, but seek ye kingdom of God and His righteousness and all those physical needs will be met by the sufferer.

So, there are two things here... if we are not to worry about our physical needs (being hungry, needing clothing, shelter, etc) because Hid covers such needs... Why do we then worry about doing this stuff ourselves. Why should we be meeting the needs of others..? That’s God’s job!?!?… We shouldn't do anything, should we?...

Join this episode as we unpack this ideas, and more… and learn about the Sparks Seventh Day Adventist Church's ministry 



September 7, 2019  

2019Q3 – Lesson 11 - Living the Advent Hope

Living The Advent Hope

From Hopelessness to Hopefulness

This week is the National Suicide Prevention week in America, and this Tuesday, 10th of September is the World Suicide Prevention Day, and in Australia, RUOK? Day is this Thursday, 12th of September… all of these point to the crisis we are living in today’s day and age of hopeless living.

Join this episode as we discuss character building ideas about presenting the greatest hope known to mankind… how do you do it? Do you have a conversation starter?…

Be encouraged by the ministry of the North Perth Adventist Church



August 17, 2019  

2019Q3 – Lesson 8 - The Least of These - Psychology, marathon running, “time out”, the Ray White Real Estate agency, and Fred Devito

The Least of These

Psychology, marathon running, "time out", the Ray White Real Estate agency, and Fred Devito

Dr Danie and Catalina speak about Psychology, “time out”, marathon running, the Ray White Real Estate agency, and Fred Devito… Join this episode as we discover the deeper meaning of ministering to “the least of these”…

Who is your “least of these”?

This episode is sure to challenge you, as you seek to continue to serve others…

Also, be encouraged by what Esther Badia and her team of active volunteer youth workers in the Central Papuan Conference are doing to minister to those in need with “just water”!


*Our sincere condolences also to those mourning around the world for the loss of a beloved as a result of hatred and discord*

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August 10, 2019  

2019Q3 – Lesson 7 - Jesus and Those in Need

Jesus and Those in Need

Christ's Method Alone

In today's episode, Catalina, from the Connected Adventist Podcast, and Dr Danzie unpack ideas about hooking and baiting people to Christ... Is this ethical, is it right? 

Also, join us to discover a bit about God's Closet!!

God's Closet is a community initiative to minister "to the least of these" by the Elkins Seventh-day Adventist Church from the Mountain View Conference of Seventh Day Adventists in Western Virginia. 

Facebook: @GodsClosetElkins

Similar initiatives are also found in other places - such as the @GodsClosetColumbia


August 3, 2019  

2019Q3 – Lesson 6 - Worship The Creator

Lesson 6 - Worship the Creator

The Peer-Pressured Psychologist and the Netflix Challenged Connected Adventist

In today's episode intrapersonal ideas are reflected on matters related worship in light of peer Pressures, self-deceiving views, and the importance of having Christ’s Righteousness in order to serve.

Discover a key aspect to be Christ-like, make it practical, take the challenge!

Listen to what the Warwick Seventh Day Adventist Church is doing to alleviate the suffering of those who are lonely... follow them on:



Warwick Community Van -

Warwick Seventh Day Adventist Church -

July 31, 2019  

SPECIAL EPISODE - Homelessness, Art and Mental Health ft. JoLene Danielson (creatingopportunitiesforus & paintdropsart)

JoLene Danielson (Portland, Oregon & alumni of the Walla Walla University in Washington)

- Artist, Accountant, Traveller, Missionary 'at home' ! 

Creatingopportunitiesforus & Paintdropsart

Join Dr Danzie as he explores the heart of a missionary to the homeless... We talk about artwork, reaching the homeless, and the love and respect that ought to give to anyone experiencing mental illness

“…go into willing to learn, to grow and to listen” (J. Danielson)

If you desire to donate, check her art, help out in any way, or join JoLene and experience first hand ministering to those in need, she may be contacted on…

Facebook: @creatingopportunitiesforus @paintdropsart

Instagram: @jolenendanielson @creatingopportunitiesforus

Blog / Art @: or


REMEMBER: If you feel hopeless, helpless, and carry some guilt and shame, it is highly advisable for you to contact a mental health help line in your country of residence. Or better still, go to see your primary health care provider like a GP and share with them how you feel. If you feel so distressed before, during, or after this program call your local emergency line. Do you know how to call your emergency service like an ambulance in your local country, city, or town? For example, in Australia this is triple zero ('000') and in America is nine 911. And remember, God loves you, and so do we!

July 27, 2019  

2019Q3 - Lesson 5 - The Cry of the Prophets

Lesson 5: The Cry of the Prophets

Ft. Catalina from the Connected Adventist Podcast and the Adventist Committed to Serve (ACTS) Ministry...

The role of the prophets in matters of service, and our role as children of God are discussed in today's reflections.

Listeners are encouraged to do soul and motive searching. Motivated to reflect on concepts and ideas ready to be brought to your Sabbath School class and make matters practical. 

@greaternyconference - Discover this week’s challenge, and be encouraged by hearing about the Greater New York Conference (GNYC) and their amazing ambulant ministry serving those in need...

@adventistchurch read about it...

Follow them at...

Follow the serving trends at...