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January 6, 2019  

Who is Dr Danzie?

January 6, 2019


Dr Danzie* is a Bible-believing Christian. He is a member of the Gin Gin Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church in Queensland, Australia. As an ordained elder of the SDA church, Dr Danzie enjoys teaching and preaching as means to serve the minds of the community.

In studying The Bible, Dr Danzie particularly enjoys dissecting passages of scripture, identifying trends and thematics that bring hope, help, and reassurance "where the rubber meets the road". He believes that Bible passages need to be made relevant for the believer and non-believer in order to be understood, and that this may be achieved without compromising present truth.

Dr Danzie's favourite method to study The Scriptures is that of allowing the Bible to interpret itself... and whenever stuck, plead for an extra portion of guidance from the Holy Spirit. So far, it seems to always work. His favourite passage quotes Jesus saying:

"Behold, I come quickly:

Hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown"

Revelation 3:11

On his spare time, Dr Danzie is a Licensed/Registered Psychologist working in clinical practice, and is an adjunct faculty member in a school of medicine. He is member of relevant Australian, American, and European professional bodies. He believes that Christianity and psychology do not have to be "divorced", and he has special interest in serving the mind via evidence-based Christian principles. He founded NEWSTART Psychology & Counselling - a psychologist private practice.

As a Suicidologist, he completed his doctoral research in suicide prevention and religious spirituality, and currently works with psychiatric and non-psychiatric clients suffering traumatic adverse experiences from natural and man-made disasters. Dr Danzie believes that one life lost to suicide is one life too many! He believes in the emerging evidence suggesting that having a positive regard for God plays a crucial role in providing help, building hope, and promoting the reassuring safety needed to decrease the risk of suicide.

Dr Danzie has a passion for serving in regional, rural, and remote areas where lack of services is evident, and in 2009 he moved with his beautiful wife and daughters from Australia's third largest city to regional Australia. He is an avid marathoner and ultra-marathoner runner hobbyist.


*The origin of Dr Danzie's nickname comes from his dear sisters-in-law (MJ & Debelja)... however he may be also simply known as Dan:-)