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May 1, 2019  

Biblical Psychology - S1E2 - Divorcing Psychology and the Bible

May 1, 2019

Divorcing Psychology and the Bible

Let's divorce psychology from the Bible... but,... can we? 

Who is responsible for this relationship disruption and/or continuity?

Who is the loudest squeaky wheel?

Answers to these and more in this episode on Biblical Psychology

REMEMBER: If you feel hopeless, helpless, and carry some guilt and shame, it is highly advisable for you to contact a mental health help line in your country of residence. Or better still, go to see your primary health care provider like a GP and share with them how you feel. If you feel so distressed before, during, or after this program call your local emergency line. Do you know how to call your emergency service like an ambulance in your local country, city, or town? For example, in Australia this is triple zero ('000') and in America is nine 911. And remember, God loves you, and so do we!