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April 28, 2020  

Last Day Events - Episode 3 - “When Shall These Things Be?” (COVID19)

April 28, 2020

Book Club - Last Day Events

Christ was meant to come then, will He come now? Is He changing His mind?

The signs of Christ return… Moses, Jonah, Abraham, Nabuchadnezzar… what do all these have to do with Christ’s return and/or delay of His return?

“There was a plan for destruction… it was always balanced out with salvation” - Catalina (Connected Adventist Podcast)

“You look at Jonah, it took a whole nation to turn him around” - Ally_B1

Join your very own book club today and follow with us every chapter of the book Last Day Events with us. You could even join the discussion live every Wednesday, 6:30pm (Australian Eastern Time / Queensland Time / UTC +10) via Zoom (contact us for meeting details).

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